Funding up to 2 Billion Rupiahs

Interest starting at 14%

Period up to 2 years

It is time to choose Aktivaku

A secured financial technology platform, as a partner in developing your investments.

Aktivaku is a secured peer-to-peer lending platform. Aktivaku brings a collateral/asset owner (personal/entity) who needs funding with the fund owners outside the banking system.

The Benefits of Choosing Aktivaku

  • Interesting return of profits, starting at 14% per year
  • Safe with collaterals
  • Easy process with an affordable minimum funding nominal
  • A competitive interest, starting at 14% per year
  • An easy and fast online process
  • Transparent costs

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Aktivaku dan Mizuho Balimor Finance Berikan Pembiayaan Kendaraan


Layanan Permohonan Pembiayaan Bank, Aktivaku Gandeng BPR Syariah HIK Bekasi


Aktivaku gandeng Mizuho Balimor Finance berikan pembiayaan kendaraan


Aktivaku Gandeng BPR Syariah Dukung UKM Jabodetabek dan Jabar

- Media Indonesia

Incar UKM, Aktivaku Gandeng BPR untuk Salurkan Pembiayaan

- Liputan 6

Aktivaku dan Mizuho Balimor Bermitra Beri Pembiayaan Kendaraan

- Media Indonesia

Aktivaku Beri Solusi Pembiayaan Properti dengan Skema “Secured” P2P Lending


"Aktivaku Optimis Mampu Salurkan Pembiayaan Rp 60 Miliar Akhir Tahun 2018 Ini"

- Tribun Techno

"Aktivaku Siap Dukung Pemerintah Wujudkan Inklusi Keuangan"

- Media Indonesia

"Aktivaku Bidik Pendanaan Properti bagi Pekerja Informal"


"Aktivaku Wujudkan Inklusi Keuangan Melalui Pembiayaan UMKM"


"Aktivaku, perusahaan financial technology peer-to-peer lending beragunan menyatakan kesiapannya untuk mendukung pemerintah mewujudkan inklusi keuangan melalui pembiayaan UMKM."


:Aktivaku siap dukung inklusi keuangan lewat pembiayaan UMKM"


"Aktivaku Targetkan Salurkan Pembiayaan Rp 60 Miliar"


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  1. Information Technology Based Lending and Borrowing Service is a civil agreement between the Lender and the Borrower; thus, all risks arising from the agreement are borne entirely by each party.
  2. Credit risk or default is borne entirely by the Lender. No state agency or authority is responsible for this risk of default.
  3. The Organizers with the approval of each User (Lender and/or Borrower) accesses, obtains, saves, manages and/or uses the User’s personal data (“Utilization of Data”) on or inside objects, electronic devices (including smartphones or cellphones), hardwares and softwares, electronic documents, applications or electronic systems belonging to the User or controlled by the User, by notifying the purpose, limits and mechanism of the Utilization of the Data to the User before obtaining the intended consent.
  4. Lenders who do not have the knowledge and experience of lending and borrowing are advised not to use this service.
  5. The Borrower must consider the loan interest rate and other fees in accordance with the ability to repay the loan.
  6. Every fraud is digitally recorded in cyberspace and can be known to wider community on social media.
  7. Users must read and understand this information before making a decision to become a Lender or Borrower.
  8. The Government, in this case the Financial Services Authority, is not responsible for any violations or non-compliance by Users, both Lenders and Borrowers (either due to intentions or negligence of Users) to the provisions of laws and agreements or covenant between the Organizers and the Lenders and/or Borrowers.
  9. Every loan borrowing transaction or activity or the implementation of an agreement regarding borrowing between or involving an Operator, Lenders and/or Borrowers must be carried out through an escrow account and virtual account as required by the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 77/POJK.01/2016 concerning Information Technology-Based Lending and Borrowing Services, and violations or non-compliance with these provisions constitute the evidence of violation of law by the Organizers so that Organizers must bear compensation suffered by each User as a direct result of violation of the aforementioned law without reducing the rights of the User who suffered losses according to the Code of Civil Law.

PT Aktivaku Investama Teknologi (Company) is a legal entity established under the Law of the Republic of Indonesia. Standing as a company that has been regulated by and under the supervision of the Financial Service Authority (OJK) in Indonesia with the registration number of S-8/NB.11/2018 on January 8, 2018. Thus, the implementation of its business activities is closely monitored by the OJK based on the Financial Service Authority Regulations Number 77/POJK.01/2016 regarding Information Technology-Based Money Lending and Borrowing Services.