Healthy Body and Soul in the Middle of Pandemic With These 8 Ways

April 9th, 2020 - By:

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Who would have thought 2020 would be a tough year for the world, including Indonesia. Out of the list of developing countries, and included in the G20 members, with economic growth above 5%, now the economic condition of the motherland is actually collapsed amid the outbreak of corona outbreaks (Covid-19). Where the number of sufferers in Indonesia is increasing day by day.
Feeling anxious, stressed, angry, afraid is natural in a pandemic. However, prolonged stress can decrease the body’s immunity needed to fight the Covid-19 virus. To relieve feelings of anxiety and stress, here are 8 simple steps that Aktivers can do.

1. Breath every Aktivers begin to panic
Every time panic comes, try to take a breath, count to five, then exhale. This deep breathing can help Aktivers to stay focused and relaxed. Make sure when breathing deeply through the nose, lungs fully expand, and the abdomen rises.

2. Select and limit information

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During this pandemic, certainly a lot of information has emerged, both from social media and whatsapp groups. It is not permissible, but receiving too much information will make Aktivers worry, so the body’s immune system decreases. Sort and select information from credible sources, such as WHO, health offices, and government agencies. In addition, limit yourself to access information about a pandemic, once a day for example.

3. Make sure that only physical isolation, heart and mind do not!
Feeling lonely makes an isolated person feel stressed out, as if he didn’t get support in going through this difficult time. Take advantage of the Aktivers social network to share news and strengthen one another. Always remember that you are not alone. Supporting each other will help you stay “sane”, because mental health is also needed to be physically “resilient”.

4. Trying to remain active even though it is still an issue

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When doing sports activities, the body releases endorphins which can reduce pain and improve mood. In a period of independent isolation like now, Aktivers can also see zumba and yoga tutorials from YouTube or just run on a treadmill while listening to a favorite song or movie.

5. Get enough sleep
Korean drama marathons are fun, but don’t disturb your rest time, Aktivers. Lack of sleep can worsen the mood, reduce body immunity, and reduce the body’s ability to manage stress.

6. Divert attention to hobbies and self-reflection
Divert your attention to do a variety of exciting activities or hobbies that are delayed so that anxiety does not worsen. Reading books, gardening, trying new menus, rearranging furniture, can help increase positive feelings, which reduce anxiety. You can also take advantage of this period of independent isolation to “rearrange” life from various sides. For example, there are various business sectors affected by the plague, so that employees receive half the salary or even not paid. From this we learn about the importance of financial literacy and emergency funds. Then Aktivers can also start planning what you will do when this pandemic passes.

7. Ask for professional help
News milling about Corona, where often more bad news is blown up by the media makes anxiety worsen. If these feelings interfere with your activities, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

8. Don’t forget to clean the house clean

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In addition to the methods mentioned above, one of the most important things and you can’t miss it while at home is cleaning. Do not forget to diligently sweep and mop the floor and also no less important is to spray disinfectant liquid or antiseptic liquid into several spots at home, such as windows, door handles and tables, as well as items or places that are often touched by both our hands and the hands of others.

Find positive support, stay connected, be healthy, and be happy at home, Aktivers!