• Personal
  • Employee
  • Business Owner
  • Business Entity
  • Register in Aktivaku.com.
  • Fill in the complete data.
  • Fill in the data related to collateral and other data correctly.
  • Comply with the terms and conditions for loan presentation.
  • After everything is completed, Aktivaku marketing team will contact you for the next process.

Fees that must be paid include: admin fees, provision fees, notary fees and appraisal fees.

  • The loans is applied online so it is easier and faster.
  • Information on incurred/imposed costs is provided transparently.
  • Unlimited locations. Anyone anywhere can apply for a loan without any area restrictions and other terms.
  • Borrowers are entitled to competitive interest (interest charge is generated from credit scoring)

It takes 30 days after displayed on the Aktivaku website.

  • Employees: 55 years
  • Business Owners & Professionals: 65 years old
  • Refinancing: maximum 2 years
  • Take Over: maximum 1 month

Yes, you can, after going through the analysis process.

The first installment is paid in the following month after the withdrawal.

It depends on the agreement when the credit is approved.

There is no minimum amount. However, Borrowers are expected to take the fixed costs that will be paid into account so that the loan application can still provide maximum benefits.

Yes, it can be done through new loan applications.

The payment of installments or repayments can be sent to a special virtual account for the Borrowers that will be given during the loan process.

As a digital platform, AKTIVAKU service area covers the entire territory of Indonesia.

You can have other discussions with the analyst team to discuss the details of the credit scoring results that may not be appropriate.

Payments that exceed the due date will be subjected to a penalty fee as stated on the agreement

Basically, all loans must be paid at maturity. If there is a request for a restructuring, it will be processed further by Aktivaku team in accordance with the agreed procedures when the loan agreement is made.