Aktivahome is a property ownership loan that is given to buy a house, apartment and office-house through a developers that cooperates with Aktivaku.

We believe the integration of property, finance and technology should be better for lenders, developers, homeowners – everyone. It should be fast,
reliable and work for all. We’re bringing innovation and technology to the mortgage market to make that happen.

Aktivaku makes it possible, for the first time, for lenders – from individuals to institutions (corporations) – to invest in property-backed loans, supporting Indonesians (our locals) to
achieve their dreams: Owning a house! While earning attractive returns and creating social impact.

Fast and reliable Home

Ownership Process

Buying a home requires time, patience, and if its when done conventionally, many documents need to be prepared with strict terms and conditions. At Aktivaku,
we have made a breakthrough to overcome conventional home financing by simplifying the process through innovative technology in order to save your time.

Aktivahome is one of Aktivaku's product that will help you to find customized financing solution to make your dream home come true. We provide customized solution tailored to your financial capabilities.

Grow your money with


We offer attractive opportunities for individuals and corporations through Aktivahome. This product provides stable passive income with property collateral developed by reputable developers.