About Us

What is Aktivaku?

Aktivaku is a financial technology platform that becomes a market place to bring together parties who need funding with parties who are willing to provide funding through a safe and transparent mechanism.

We add security features through collateral in the form of assets for every transaction that occurs. For Lenders, investment risk can be minimized through assets/collaterals. As for borrowers, funding can be obtained by utilizing assets that they own.

The facilities we provide include funding needs for individuals and companies that need additional capital to run their business.

We also provide facilities to own a house with a home ownership loan scheme or gradual installments.

What is peer-to-peer lending?

Peer-to-peer lending is a process of lending and borrowing money that involves the Lender and the Borrower directly, without going through an intermediary such as a banking institution.

The Lender has the right to choose to whom the funding will be channeled based on the consideration of benefits and risks from the information provided by the Borrower.

What is peer-to-peer lending marketplace?

P2PL marketplace is a place or online platform that brings together Lenders and Borrowers. P2PL marketplace is similar to other commercial marketplaces. The commodities that are traded, however, are not in the form of goods but in the form of financial products. P2PL marketplace is to provide facilities for Lenders and Borrowers to meet in person. P2PL marketplace is also responsible for selecting and analyzing each loan to produce quality funding.