About Us

Aktivaku is a financial technology platform in Indonesia that has registered for Fintech Lending Platform from Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK). Aktivaku also known as market place to connect Lenders and Borrowers through safe and transparent use of technology.  Apart from going through in-depth analysis, we have added security features to our products. Therefore, for lenders, the risk can be minimized through the results of the analysis and added by property collateral. As for borrowers, the loan can be obtained quickly and efficiently. We provide loan facilities both for individual and corporate and personal from non-formal sectors to own a house.


What is Aktivaku Company Value?

At Aktivaku, we are proud of our culture and our products. We have open environment that encourages close collaboration and sharing of ideas. We call both users and our communities as AKTIVERS, that means we respect each other, care deeply for each other and work towards the same goal: realizing dreams of driving innovation and keep improving through data management and financial automation.

#JalaniMimpimu #Liveyourdream

Ownership Structure


Our Team

Suchandra Tanjung

Commissioner / Co-founder

Ricky Gandawijaya

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Tofan Saban

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Margaretha Winata

Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder

Musya Ismail

Chief Commercial Officer

Arifin Hudaya

Head of Business Development

Omar Syahdharma

Head of Funding